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Tim Mead

Tim Mead, Vice President of Communications

Anaheim Angels


Tenure with the same sports team both on and off the field is a difficult thing to find in today’s sports world. Factors such as free agency have allowed players to move from team to team at an alarming rate. Following this trend are the movements of skilled front office executives. It is very common for someone who works in sports to move from team to team in efforts to further their career. Tim Mead, the Vice President of Communications for the defending World Series Champion Anaheim Angels is an exception to the trend.

Mead is entering his 24th season in the Angel’s organization, and claims that his love for the team plays a large role in his lengthy stay. “I don’t know if there is a secret to my longevity in Anaheim. I truly love this organization and have been fortunate to work for good people. When the organization has gone through front office changes, I have been fortunate enough to be part of the change.”

His career with the Angels started in 1980 as an intern. Duties included securing lineups, getting autographs, writing stories for the game program, making copies and other odd jobs. “My early experience as an intern in addition to the many years I have been with the team allowed me to pick up a lot of pointers and instruction from great people. Tom Seeberg, George Goodale and Red Patterson they were tremendous mentors which I had the good fortune to work with.”

A native of Athens, Greece, Mead graduated in 1980 from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelors Degree in Communications. “When I went to college, I actually wanted to be a writer. After I realized I wasn’t going to play, I wanted to be a beat writer for a major league team. As an intern in 1980, a particularly bad year for the Angels, I got an insiders viewpoint of the relationships between the athletes and the members of the press. I did not think I would have had the fortitude to ask those tough questions of people. That wasn’t part of my makeup. I decided to try a different route a...     Continue Reading About Tim Mead

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