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Eric Sebastian

Eric Sebastian, Manager of Media Relations

Denver Nuggets


The Denver Nuggets needed a point guard.

So they set their sights on Andre Miller, the talented star who was First Team All-America for Utah and performed well during his first four seasons in the NBA. The Nuggets made an offer. The Los Angeles Clippers chose not to match it. Andre Miller was coming to Denver.

And Eric Sebastian was just getting busy.

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a big player signing? When an athlete holds up a brand new jersey and announces “I’m happy to be here” before the lights, cameras and scribbling pens of a city’s media -- have you ever stopped to think about all the things that have to occur to make that moment just right?

That’s where Sebastian comes in. Part of his Manager of Media Relations job for the Denver Nuggets is making sure media events go smoothly. Sebastian was willing to explain exactly what he did when the Denver Nuggets landed Miller:

“We were informed by the Clippers on Thursday that they weren't going to match our offer for Andre Miller. So Thursday afternoon I typed up a press release so I would have it ready to go on Friday,” Sebastian says. “Friday morning, I sent out an email to the media announcing our introductory press conference at 2 p.m. I followed the email up with phone calls to make sure everyone received it. I also let our arena staff know that we were having a press conference so they could set up our press room with our backdrop, podium, microphone and chairs.

Later in the morning, I had Kiki Vandeweghe, our General Manager, sign off on the press release. I also talked to him about what I needed from him at the press conference - basically just to say a few words about Andre, introduce him and hold up his new jersey.

Andre arrived at the arena and signed his contract. I quickly briefed him on what to expect from the press conference. When everyone was ready, I took him and Kiki into the press room and star...     Continue Reading About Eric Sebastian

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