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Galen Trail

Galen Trail, Asst. Professor - Sports Management Program

Iowa State University


As the Program Coordinator for the Sports Management Option and Assistant Professor for the Sports Management Program at Iowa State University, Dr. Galen Trail has several responsibilities. Entering his sixth year at Iowa State, Dr. Trail was not always looking at this career, but one thing was certain, sports was his calling.

“This wasn’t something I set out to do. I started out being a PE teacher and both a volleyball and basketball coach, but after awhile I realized that wasn’t what I really wanted to do,” said Trail.

At the beginning of his career, Galen was the director of a Physical Education program at a Kindergarten-12th grade school. “I coached basketball at different levels for four years, and volleyball for five years. From there, I was also in charge of the activity program evaluation at Ohio State. One of my jobs was to go around and evaluate the people that taught in the activities programs at Ohio State, like basketball, volleyball, swimming, etc…”

After realizing that sports management was where his interests were, Trail went back to Ohio State University to get his Ph. D. in the field. “Managing sports organizations, administering athletic departments, the marketing of sports, that sort of thing is what interested me. So after I got my Ph. D., Iowa State hired me to teach in the sport management program and from there I became the Sports Management Option Coordinator.”

One of Dr. Trail’s primary responsibilities is to make sure the curriculum is functional for the undergraduate sport management option. Trail explains, “I determine, along with other sport management professors, what classes the undergraduate student should take, when they should take them, in what order they should take them, and what the content is.”

Dr. Trail also works on career placement to help the students on their prospective career path by determining what an appropriate internship is for the student’s culminating experience.

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