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Sports Broadcasting Jobs!

AUG 30 2016 14:52 MST

Omar is looking for a Video Editor / Graphics/ Audio Mixer and a Sports Television Producer. Great opportunities!!



Work for Aim Field Hockey!

AUG 29 2016 15:06 MST

Lauren with Aim Field Hockey just sent in two new jobs they need to have filled!

Take a look at them here:



Great PT General Manager Opportunity with Mile High Collegiate Baseball League

AUG 25 2016 20:58 MST

Thomas Lear, the Director of Operations with the Mile High Collegiate Baseball League checked in with me today and let me know they're seeking a General Manager/Director of Operations! Click the link and apply today for an incredible opportunity!



Job Hunting in the Digital Age

AUG 23 2016 11:34 MST

Check out this really useful infographic on Job Hunting in the Digital Age - I guarantee you'll learn something.



BSN Sports is hiring!

AUG 23 2016 09:27 MST

I checked in with Kyla this morning and BSN Sports is looking for an Inside Sales Associate, along with some other great opportunities that you can check out at



Experienced Hockey Instructors Wanted!

AUG 23 2016 08:40 MST

Dan from Next Level Hockey just emailed me to let me know he's seeking dynamic instructors in each of his three locations



Is the WWE really considered a sport?

AUG 22 2016 13:25 MST

ESPN now covers the WWE like a mainstream do you feel about this? 

I feel confused. 



It's Over - Did You Like It?

AUG 22 2016 05:25 MST

Ratings were down, Ryan Lochte swims faster than his brain fires synapses and Simone Biles and Usain Bolt are really amazing (amongst others). So what was your take on this Olympics? Did you like it? As a sports fan will you miss sports of all kinds being on at all times? 



Digital and Social Media Correspondent

AUG 9 2016 15:28 MST

Randy with the Sunbelt Conference sent me this opportunity today for a Digital and Social Media Correspondent. This sounds like the perfect job for someone interested in television and/or digital media!



Wanted: Professional & Entrepreneurial Minded Tournament Directors

AUG 9 2016 08:50 MST

If you're looking for a career in basketball, check this out:  Jamar from CBL Worldwide just sent in an opening for Tournament Directors to help with marketing, player recruitment and more!



Social Media Manager

AUG 4 2016 12:12 MST

I checked in with Mitchell a few days ago and he is looking to hire a Social Media Manager for the Legends Football League. Put your social media skills to work!



Intern with SportsNet New York!

AUG 2 2016 10:28 MST

Brooke reached out and let me know that they are looking for Production Interns for the fall semester. This would be a great way to build your resume!



Wouldn't it be Pretty Cool to be a Sports Photographer?

AUG 2 2016 09:41 MST

Learn what it takes to become a sports photographer in this guest contribution from photographer Liz Pekler!



A Resume Tip To Help a Common Mistake

AUG 1 2016 06:35 MST

If you are struggling to find work it's time to do some analysis and see what is truly going wrong. 

It could be your resume. Many people make this simple mistake, fixing it today could make a huge difference. 



Director, Business Development

JUL 29 2016 09:31 MST

Kris is looking for a Director of Business Development for SponsorPitch. Check it out here:



Events, Marketing and Development Interns

JUL 28 2016 20:59 MST

Here's your chance to show off your event marketing skills! Kevin from SCGA Junior just sent in this gem today:



I'm Not a Big NASCAR guy but...

JUL 25 2016 10:25 MST

The whole Jeff Gordon coming out of retirement and subbing for Dale Jr. has been pretty cool. 

So for our NASCAR audience, who would you rather: Jeff Gordon or Tony Stewart? 



Will These Olympics Be Worth It?

JUL 21 2016 07:48 MST

With Russia definitely being banned from the Olympics we've lost a huge competitor. Meanwhile, the facilities still aren't finished, the water is full of trash and sewage and the athletes are vulnerable to some scary viruses.

All that said ---- will you watch?



Work for Aviator Sports!

JUL 19 2016 17:56 MST

Look at the new jobs Cheri from Aviator sports sent in to me this afternoon!  



Inside Sales Representative Opening

JUL 12 2016 06:35 MST

Susan from Golf Associates in Asheville, NC checked in with me letting me know they have an opening for an Inside Sales Representative. If you have the drive to work in the sales industry--this job opportunity sounds like an excellent career move!!



Marketing and Design Coordinator

JUL 11 2016 06:41 MST

Happy Monday everyone!  Check out this new job opening Alex from North American Hockey League just sent us: Marketing and Design Coordinator!



The Redskins are hiring!

JUL 7 2016 07:53 MST

I checked in with Hallie and the team is looking for 50/50 Game Day Sellers. Take a look and apply today!



Director of Player Personnel

JUN 27 2016 21:10 MST

Our contact over at The Desert League of Professional Baseball just let us know they're looking for a Director of Player Personnel for their upcoming inaugural season in Arizona and Southern California.  If you're a baseball fan you're not going to want to miss out on this opportunity to get your foot in the door of professional baseball!!



Now that Game of Thrones is over....

JUN 27 2016 07:53 MST

Do you cancel HBO? Or is Bill Simmons, John Oliver and Spaceballs OnDemand enough to keep you paying until next season?



Work for the Knoxville Ice Bears!

JUN 24 2016 10:20 MST

I checked in with Buzz and he is looking for a Group Sales Account Representative. Put your sales skills to work with a great team!



Looking For Part-Time Work in a Group Fitness Setting?

JUN 24 2016 08:24 MST

Then please look no further!  Ranae from Aims Community College just sent in these three openings:



Could LeBron pass Jordan?

JUN 20 2016 10:10 MST

Let me get this out of the way... my answer would be NO. But the fact there is even an open discussion about who is better makes it relevant and interesting. 

So what do you think? Can LeBron pass Jordan as the greatest all-time and if so, what would he have to do?



Baseball Business Development Coordinator

JUN 19 2016 22:36 MST

Check out this great opportunity Mary from Capitol Broadcasting Company just sent in to us! 



Director of Sales - Sports Sponsorships

JUN 15 2016 06:48 MST

Love running? Have a talent for sales? This could be the career for you. Edward with Chicago Area Runners Association is looking for a Director of Sales - Sports Sponsorships. Check it out:



Do You Agree?

JUN 15 2016 05:54 MST

Ichiro is on the brink of "breaking" Pete Rose's all-time hit record, that is, if you combine his professional hits in Japan (1,278) and his MLB hits (2,977).

Pete Rose says not so fast, and I tend to agree with him. What do you think, should Ichiro's professional hits regardless of league all count?



Regional Membership Sales & Engagement Director

JUN 2 2016 14:11 MST

Oneida from YMCA of Greater New York let me know they are looking for a Regional Membership Sales and Engagement Director



Human Resource and Business Development Intern

MAY 27 2016 12:40 MST

Need a summer internship? Portia at Fit 4 Life NYC is hiring a Human Resource and Business Development Intern. See if this could be the next step in your career:



Associate Director of Corporate Partnerships

MAY 26 2016 21:55 MST

Take a look at this great job Northeastern University emailed me!



Sponsorship Research Analyst

MAY 23 2016 10:38 MST

I checked in with Kris at SponsorPitch this morning, and they are searching for a talented Sponsorship Research Analyst. Take a peek:



Internship-Sports Marketing, PR & Event-Management

MAY 18 2016 21:12 MST

Trish from NIGSA (Nómadas International Group SA) just let me know about their amazing internship opportunity you're going to want to check out!!!  

As an intern you'll learn about sponsorships and event marketing while working with media partners from around the world!