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Ron Seaver

Ron Seaver, Founder

National Sports Forum


Name: Ron Seaver
Current Job Title: Founder
Company Name: The National Sports Forum
First sports job: Telemarketing (Ticket Sales) for the San Diego State Aztecs
College education: Bachelor of Science, Television/Radio & Advertising, Syracuse University
Brand most admired: The Walt Disney Company

Tell us a little about your current position and your career path.

I was one of those guys that graduated college not having ANY idea about what I wanted to do “…when I grew up”. As a result, I bounced around right out of school – with eight different jobs in my first five years. I started working in sports selling tickets for the SDSU Aztec football team in 1983, moving on to the San Diego Padres (doing the same thing) later that year. In 1984, I moved into Promotions and Sponsorship for the Padres … and instantly loved it. Spent eight seasons with the Padres before jumping over to the agency side in 2001. After three years as VP at Fantastic Sports Promotions – started my own agency, (Seaver Marketing Group) in January 1994 – which owns and operates the National Sports Forum. And we’ve been doing that ever since.

How does working in sports differ from working in other industries?

While we’re admittedly not curing cancer, we’re in an industry that brings a tremendous amount of enjoyment to literally millions of people on a daily basis. I love the fact that every day is different – and that our world is constantly in motion.

What advice would you give to students looking to make sports their career?

My advice to students getting out of school is to not focus so much on finding the money – but rather to focus instead on finding a mentor. I know – money’s important, but money comes …and money goes. However the wisdom and insight to be gained from having a boss that teaches you, guides you – will create w...     Continue Reading About Ron Seaver

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