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Dave Plati

Dave Plati, Assistant Athletic Director/Media Relations

University of Colorado


Dave Plati was the kind of kid who could tell you a player’s batting average...during night games...played on Tuesdays.

He hasn’t changed much.

Plati, the Assistant Athletic Director/Media Relations for the University of Colorado in Boulder for 18 years, is a walking archive of arcane information. Winning quarterback for the Buffs’ 10-9 win over Notre Dame in the 1991 Orange Bowl? Forget the player’s name. Plati probably knows the guy’s address, date of birth and social security number.

That’s what makes Dave Plati so good. That’s what makes CU so eager to keep him year after year. And maybe the best thing of all for Plati? The man gets paid to do something that fascinated him at an early age.

“My background has been in sports information and statistics going back to high school,” Plati says. “I started keeping the football team's statistics as a junior in high school even though I was a "stat nut" going back to fourth or fifth grade. My senior year, the athletic director asked me if I wanted to be sports information director, and I said sure, not even knowing what the heck it was.”

It didn’t matter. The job contained two of Plati’s favorite words: sports and information. Whatever the job entailed, whatever was expected of him, he knew he’d dive in with 100 percent enthusiasm. After awhile, Plati realized he had discovered his career as well.

“I did it, compiled a few record books and a lot of team stats,” says Plati, who would go on to attend the University of Colorado. “I latched on at CU as a student assistant. I then basically had a 4 1/2 year internship in the business that would become my career, was named an assistant Sports Information Director when I graduated, and was named the director 18 months later. So I'm the classic example of what can happen when you know what you want to do early on in college.”

Of course, Plati’s professional life goes way beyond stats. He essentially runs all the information coming in...     Continue Reading About Dave Plati

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