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Fun Summer Camp Job on the Water!

MAY 2 2016 07:16 MST

Jocelyn from Lake Bryn Mawr Camp let me know that they are in need of female Waterski Instructors and Lifeguard Certified Counselors.  What a fun way to spend your summer!



Account Executive, Business Development

APR 29 2016 10:35 MST

Carsten at Conqur Endurance Group is hiring an Account Executive, Business Development. Take a peek:



Work for the Cleveland Indians!

APR 28 2016 21:47 MST

Mailynh with the Cleveland Indians emailed in this great opportunity: Coordinator, Ticket Services



Video Production Assistant

APR 22 2016 14:22 MST

Hali with the American Athletic Conference just emailed me this great opportunity: Video Production Assistant.



Special Olympics Southern California is Hiring!

APR 17 2016 21:21 MST

Kimberly from Special Olympics Southern California informed me that they're looking for a Director of Competition to provide a quality experience for athletes and coaches at all Chapter Games!



Sports Manager (Volleyball & Soccer) Needed

APR 15 2016 14:03 MST

Cheri at Aviator Sports Complex let me know they need a Sports Manager (Volleyball and Soccer)!  



Elite Squad Tennis Club Internship

APR 15 2016 10:59 MST

Tammy is looking to hire an Intern for summer 2016. Great way to gain experience in the sports industry!



Grande Sports Soccer Camps Specialist

APR 7 2016 07:34 MST

Christine sent me this great lead for a Soccer Camps Specialist. Check it out here:



Check out our new FREE Ebook

APR 7 2016 06:36 MST

We've put together a great resource to help you prepare for your sports job search - techniques, strategies and tactics you can employ to help you get employed!



Entry Level Sports Jobs With Real Growth Potential

APR 6 2016 05:41 MST

Getting your career started in sports can be challenging, so we've outlined 5 entry level jobs that you should be on the look out for

They are fun, you learn a lot, and they have huge potential for your future!



The Best Place To Start Your Sports Career - For Real

APR 4 2016 08:55 MST

Dreams of working for your favorite team usually start with humble realities. 

That's OK, because in the beginning of your career you should be all about learning and experiencing the industry, and we know the perfect spot to do that... 



Work for Conqur Endurance Group!

MAR 30 2016 07:26 MST

Check out these new postings sent in from Carsten at Conqur Endurance Group:



Marketing Internship Opportunity

MAR 29 2016 14:36 MST

Zach with the Denver Defenders Basketball Club just emailed me to let me know he's looking for a Marketing Intern for this Spring/Summer!



Graduate Assistant -- Digital Strategy & Analytics

MAR 28 2016 14:18 MST

Jim, the Athletics Assistant Director for the Ole Miss Rebels sent in this opening for a Graduate Assistant-Digital Strategy & Analytics!

Take a look!



Come On Roy!

MAR 28 2016 08:56 MST

Is it a bad omen that Roy Williams sliced his finger open when cutting down the nets after leading UNC to the Final Four?

I don't care - I picked Michigan State. 



NC State Wore Unitards?

MAR 25 2016 07:46 MST

I was alive in 1989, matter of fact I was in 9th grade and in my college basketball watching golden years. How in the world do I have no recollection of the fact NC State wore unitards that season?

Does anyone else remember these gems?



Intern with the Torrington Titans

MAR 24 2016 18:53 MST

Dan sent over some great opportunities. The Titans have openings for Full-Time Interns and also for Game Day Interns, so take a look and see if one of these is the right fit for you!



Minor Hockey Team Needs a Technical Director

MAR 21 2016 21:25 MST

Linda from Corner Brook Minor Hockey Association sent in this job opening for a Technical Director to design and develop an on ice program! 



Summer Internship Opportunity

MAR 17 2016 21:47 MST

Tammy with Elite Squad Tennis Club just sent in this fantastic Summer Internship!  You'll be helping with administrative tasks, event planning and programming development.



Work with Special Olympics Arizona!

MAR 10 2016 08:38 MST

Nadine sent over two great opportunities this morning. Check them out:



Head Women's Basketball Coach

MAR 9 2016 08:14 MST

Jill with Western State Colorado University sent me an email letting me know they are on the search for their next  Head Women's Basketball Coach! Could this be you?!?



Who Do You Want On Your Team?

MAR 8 2016 07:56 MST

With NFL free agency (AKA Christmas morning) almost here - tell us, who is your favorite team, and who is the player you really want them to grab?



Seattle Reign Internships

MAR 7 2016 11:58 MST

Cameron with the Seattle Reign is looking for interns! This would be a great way to gain experience in the sports industry. They have several openings, including a Ticket Sales and Service Internship.



Favorite Manning Memory?

MAR 7 2016 06:35 MST

I've read all the recent stories on Manning and like you I have no idea what is true and what is not. For today, we can put that aside and celebrate what he achieved on the field.

Favorite memory? That's easy for me - 3 TDs in the final five minutes for a comeback win against the Buccaneers in 2003.

What about you?  



The Tennessee Smokies are hiring!

MAR 3 2016 09:19 MST

I checked in with Jason this morning and he is looking for an Account Executive - Ticket Sales and a Ticket Sales Trainee. Take a look and apply today!



Strategic Communications Staff Assistant Internship

MAR 2 2016 16:33 MST

Donna with Virginia Tech Athletics just let me know they have two openings they need filled for Strategic Communications Staff Assistant Interns. This internship sounds like a great way to get some public relations, graphic design and social media support experience!



Creating a Digital Content Strategy For Sports Teams

MAR 1 2016 08:13 MST

Social Media isn't something you do on a whim, it needs a strategy, a process and a leader. 



Do You Agree?

FEB 29 2016 11:05 MST

Sylvester Stallone should have won best supporting actor for Creed and Michael B. Jordan should have been at least nominated for best actor.

Just sayin.



Director of Operations

FEB 26 2016 15:58 MST

Happy Friday, everyone! Marc at the State Farm Arena emailed me to let me know they're in need of a Director of Operations!



Intern - Broadcasting, Team Sports

FEB 25 2016 14:14 MST

Hey all, Bailey from Wasserman Media Group just sent me this great opening for an Intern - Broadcasting, Team Sports. This would be a great way to get your foot in the door at a large sports/entertainment company!



Baseball Internship Opportunities

FEB 23 2016 22:23 MST

Casey with the Medford Rogues just sent in these three internships! Hopefully one of these might be a fit for you!



Director of Corporate Sales

FEB 23 2016 13:46 MST

This is a great opportunity to put your sales experience to use and build your career with a professional soccer team. Dave with the Rochester Rhinos is hiring a Director of Corporate Sales.



Marketing Intern

FEB 22 2016 10:53 MST

Alex with the Omaha Beef is looking for Marketing Interns. This can be a full-time or part-time role. See it here: Marketing Intern



Who Knew?

FEB 17 2016 11:41 MST

Noted philosopher Brock Lesnar with some great advice aimed for Ronda Rousey, but appropriate for any of us:

"It takes the understanding that you could lose on any given night and the acceptance of that possibility to become a better champion."

Or as my hero Rocky Balboa would put it, "It ain't about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward"

I'm starting to tear up. 



Part-Time Community Coordinators Needed

FEB 17 2016 07:32 MST

Jen with WAKA Kickball & Social Sports emailed in these three openings she has for Part-Time Community Coordinators!

If you're looking for a fun, part-time commission-paid position, one of these might be a good fit: